1. confusedcatsagainstfeminism:

    I don’t need feminism because I can’t eat it or shed on it.

    (seriously you guys don’t trust anything you can’t eat or shed on)

    Confused Cats Against Feminism is a project of We Hunted the Mammoth:The New Misogyny, tracked and mocked.

    Because confused cats against feminism is too good not to reblog.

  2. w-i-t-c-h-e-r-y:

    Spider Squash 



  3. uaeveggies:

    Pumpkin garden

    What is this place?

  4. that-new-york-boy:

    I think we all did this at some point in our lives
    -(Allie brosh)

    Reblog forever. Allie Brosh is queen.


  5. Confession…


    When I hear the word “Muggles”, my mind first goes to a sensible, candy making, orange sash wearing, museum curator from Slipper-on-the-Water…

    Then ‘term for non-Wizards.’

    Because seriously, the Gammage Cup is still such a great book.

    Because it’s both. It will always be both.

  6. ladyofnarnia:

    Dainty Biscuits (cookies) with Sugar Flowers from Elizabeth Goudge’s novel The Little White Horse.

    Recipe here!

    One of my earliest fiction favorites, I love it to this day.

  7. Old bookstores are more perfect than Christmas.

    (via sugarsnap)

  8. missteabby:

    Boom! Best response ever!

    Preach, sister, preach.

  9. kamimcarthur:

    Throwing the ULTIMATE Harry Potter party. Tons of pictures of Harry Potter Party ideas from my Halloween party—everything from Boggarts and Dementors to Chocolate Frogs and Butterbeer. 

    —> http://kamimcarthur.blogspot.com/2013/11/throwing-ultimate-harry-potter-party.html <—

    Glad I finally got this posted. Sorry to link back to my blog, but a text post on tumblr wasn’t going to cut it for something THIS epic! 

    So happy! [Please do not remove the source. Thanks.]

    The patronus, though.

  10. Used to have rainbow striped tights when I was a kid. The fact that they did not grow with me, pains me.

    (via foreverrmo)