1. Pines.

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  2. fishcaken:

    "Harrison: Apple detective Tom Burford revived this cider apple from a single tree in a defunct New Jersey cider mill. USDA" 

    This article makes me want to start an orchard and plant all the old trees and infiltrate farmers markets with them. Thanks a lot, Mother Jones.

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    Some signs exist because they’re practical. Others have a hell of a story behind them

    I want to know the story

    We know you were thinking about it.

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  5. -Sir, we’ve found this and we needed you to name it.


    -But we figured we might as well just call it “Ananas” since the majority of the world refers to it as-


    -But sir-

    -Pine. Apple.

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  7. lostcynic:

    Jon Stewart destroys Fox News on Ferguson

    Jon Stewart: The Ferguson Rant
    He just puts everything so eloquently.

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    Can’t wait to get my own Weasley sweater!

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  10. It’s coming. I just know it’s coming.

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